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Tailored for Digestive Bliss

Prof. Bengal’s Happy Tummy is specially formulated to alleviate digestive troubles, helping feline tummies stay content and comfy daily.

Enforce Feline Defences

Boost your cat's natural immunity with Prof. Bengal's Pro Immune, a vet-approved formula designed to fortify defences against common illnesses, promoting a resilient immune system.

Moisturise Coats, Minimise Shedding

Prof. Bengal’s Silky Fur Cat supplement treats are premium snacks that hydrate the skin, minimise shedding, and promote glossy coats, allowing your cat to steal the show everywhere they go.

Curated Solutions for Feline Woes

Prof. Bengal offers curated recipes that address common cat issues.

Quality Ingredients, No Fillers

Crafted with top-quality, scientific ingredients, Prof. Bengal's treats deliver taste while boosting your cat’s health.

Vet-Approved Formulas

Developed in collaboration with veterinarians, Prof. Bengal's supplements are a prescribed path to a vibrant and joyful feline life.

Tailored for All Cats

Prof. Bengal treats are created to offer focused solutions for every life stage. As early as six months, kittens can enjoy our supplement treats.

Prof. Bengal helps cats walk through life comfortably, daily…

More than a hundred cat owners and enthusiasts, including trusted veterinarians, have incorporated Prof. Bengal treats into their pets’ daily routines.

Recommended by Veterinarians"

Prof. Bengal cat treats have my full endorsement. The attention to detail in crafting these treats is evident – the ingredients are top-quality and selected with your cat's health in mind. Trustworthy, effective, and a hit with cats – what more could you ask for?"

Loved by Cats and Their Owners

"I can't believe the difference Prof. Bengal treats have made for my cat! Happy Tummy really lives up to its name – no more upset stomach and my Ashie seems so much happier!
- Kej
“Wow, just wow! My cat, Bulgogi, used to have dry and itchy skin. Ever since we gave her Silky Fur, she’s looked better! I can't thank Prof. Bengal enough for making such tasty treats that actually work. There’s a bonus for me too! – less shedding means less cleaning for me! Happy cat, happy owner – highly recommend these treats!"
- Marnie