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Happy Tummy Chew

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Support your dog’s immune response to environmental allergies with a simple, tasty chew.

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The simple daily chew for environmental allergy support

If allergy season is a miserable time for your pup, then listen up!

Because there’s a simple way to help...HAPPY TUMMY

Why robust gut health is the key to a comfortable allergy season...

Just think about this for a second. Around 70% of your dog’s immune system resides in their gut*. So, nearly all of their natural defenses are packed into a single, tiny space.

That means if the digestive tract or gut microbiome is overwhelmed by a surge of bad bacteria or yeast overproduction, the immune system can be completely subdued. Leaving the door wide open for environmental allergies to wreak havoc.

To keep bad bacteria and yeast under control, you need to deliver a consistent, powerful supply of good bacteria directly into the gut. And that’s exactly what Happy Tummy Chews are designed to do.

How probiotic support re-balances & reinforces the gut for strong natural defenses


Each Probiotic Chew delivers 3 billion units of beneficial bacteria straight to the gut. This helps to rebalance the balance of bacteria in the gut and positively supports yeast production before yeast overgrowth has a chance to take hold.

With your dog’s gut in a strong and stable condition, the immune system will remain fighting fit and be able to operate at full strength. And this is the key to weathering allergy season.



This stuff works!
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How to use Happy Tummy Chews

A reward your pup will love!

Establishing a daily Happy Tummy Chew routine couldn't be easier. Simply follow the user guide provided with each tub, and give them their weight-dependent intake daily. You can use it as a reward for good behaviour, so there are no extra tasks to cram into your day.

We pack these scientifically-backed ingredients into each chew!

Salmon Oil

Bacillus Coagulans

Sheep Colostrum

Brewer Yeast

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