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Supplements for Dogs

Treat your pet with tasty & healthy snacks! Made of essential vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants.

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Why Vets & Nutritionists recommend Dr. Shiba

These are the first treats I gave to my parvo recovering patients

"Thank goodness Dr. Shiba is made with only healthy ingredients and supplements that benefit dogs. These were the first treats I gave to some of my dog patients. Since they smell great and have an easily chewable consistency, it is easy to encourage dogs to eat them - they love them! I'm glad I have tried the products and have witnessed several patients already who have improved appetite, coat condition, and joint health."

Emerald-Al J. Logranio

DVM Licensed Veterinarian

Mindz Pet Veterinary and Grooming Services Center.

Essentials, scientifically formulated to increase longevity & wellbeing

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