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How to Raise a Healthy Pup in Sunny Singapore

How to Raise a Healthy Pup in Sunny Singapore

Welcome to the wonderful world of canine companionship, where wagging tails, boundless energy, and unconditional love await. As a newly christened paw parent, you likely want one thing for your pet – for them to live the best life possible. 

It's the same for everyone, regardless of whether a fur parent has a pint-sized pup or a big, boisterous buddy. Now, keep in mind that diving headfirst into dog parenthood can be a whirlwind. 

You'll have moments of sheer joy with your canine companion, but you'll also have moments of "What on earth have I gotten myself into?" But fear not because this guide can help you uncover the secrets to nurturing a happy and healthy dog. 

So, bring your leash, a handful of natural dog treats, and an open heart as we embark on this paws-itively incredible journey of pet parenthood. 

What Should You Look for in a Healthy Pup?

Ah, the joyful antics of our canine companions – nothing quite like it. But how can you be sure your furry friend is thriving in every way possible? We've got you covered. In this section, we'll delve into the telltale signs of a happy and healthy dog.

A Glossy Coat That Begs to be Brushed

Dog getting brushed

When you run your hand through your dog's fur, you should feel something along the lines of a luxurious carpet. A healthy coat, after all, is soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Your dog shouldn't be shedding hair too often, either. 

If your pup's fur is lacklustre or brittle, or if you're finding more hair on your furniture than on your dog, it could be a sign that something's amiss. You may need to add more Biotin to your dog's diet or invest in tasty dog supplements for hair growth. 

Bright Eyes That Sparkle With Life

Happy dog

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. In your dog's case, those eyes should be bright, clear, and free from crusties. 

If you notice redness, cloudiness, or excessive tearing, it's time for a closer look. Healthy eyes not only reflect vitality but also ensure your furry friend can navigate their world with ease.

Breath That Doesn't Make You Cringe

Dog getting teeth brushed

Your pup's breath can smell a little meaty, especially after a yummy meal or a round of their favourite beef dog snacks. You can quickly freshen this up by brushing their teeth at least twice daily.

However, if you still find yourself backing away from their loving kisses, you may need to do a proper assessment. It's also more worrying if your dog is drooling excessively. 

A Nose Ready for Adventure

A dog's sense of smell is nothing short of miraculous, and their nose should reflect this. A moist nose is generally a good indicator of health. However, occasional dryness isn't necessarily a cause for concern. 

When you notice persistent dryness, cracking, or nasal discharge, it's time to take note. A healthy nose is your pup's GPS to the world, and keeping it in top condition ensures they can navigate with precision.

Ears as Fresh as a Breeze

When it comes to your dog's ears, a healthy set is odour-free and clean. A faint, yeasty scent or excessive wax buildup could indicate an ear issue. 

Dogs with healthy ears are less prone to ear infections, which can be painful and bothersome for your furry friend.

Tips to Ensure Your Dog's Health and Happiness

Create a Daily Schedule

Your beloved pooch will likely thrive better with a proper routine. See, dogs can suffer from anxiety, and not following a schedule can make your beloved pet nervous. Adopted pups have it worse since they don't know when or if to expect meals.

Now, your dog's schedule doesn't have to be strict; it just needs to be structured to give them normalcy. Make sure to include the essentials when creating a daily agenda, such as exercise and mental enrichment activities.

You can give them their meals at the same time every day, like 9 a.m. for breakfast and 6 p.m. for dinner. Walks don't have to be at the dot; you can just set it for the morning or afternoon. You can also be flexible when rewarding your pooch with their preferred beef dog snacks

Plan a Nutritious Diet

Dog in front of healthy food

As you know, the journey towards health and wellness starts from within. Many paw parents fall into the trap of commercial dog food, thinking that quick and easy meals are the best diet for dogs.

This isn't to say that all dry dog foods are bad. In fact, some of them can be nourishing, but you still need to add to the kibble to improve your dog's nutritional intake. Mix salmon oil with your dog's meals or add steamed veggies like carrots, pumpkins, and broccoli. 

Another option is to introduce tasty dog supplements to your pooch. Doing so can help fulfil any needs that the kibble may not meet. Dr. Shiba's collection is a fine choice; it comes in duck, beef, and salmon flavours that can boost your pup's overall wellness.

Stay Active 

Dog running in park

Like humans, dogs need exercise to live long, healthy lives. After all, stretching those limbs and getting those paws dirty help your pooch keep off unhealthy weight, stay limber, and burn excess energy.

Helping your pup stay active may be challenging for working paw parents, so why not combine your exercise sessions with your pup? Singapore's sunny climate makes it ideal for outdoor adventures with your canine companion. You can go for a daily run in one of the nearby dog parks and even get to meet other doggos.

Before you go, though, make sure to bring water for you and your dog to prevent dehydration. You can also pack some natural dog treats to keep their energy up while you two are soaking in the sunlight.

Groom Your Pup

Dog getting groomed

A dog's coat is one of their defining features. It's also an excellent indicator that they're in good health, given that malnourished pups tend to have dull or dry fur and skin. 

As a paw parent, you're responsible for ensuring that your dog's fur stays in top shape for years to come. They can't bathe themselves, so you need to do it for them, with the frequency depending on how dirty your dog gets regularly.

Other than baths, you also need to clean their ears and wipe their eyes, as well as trim their nails so they don't hurt themselves while playing. For better skin and coat health, feed them tasty dog supplements that help with these tiny details, like Dr. Shiba's Silky Fur. 

Make Conscious Decisions

Caring for your pup is a lifelong quest that is as rewarding as it is challenging. When you can, equip yourself with the knowledge to keep your dog in their best shape.

Consult with your local veterinarian, if possible, since they're more reliable than online forums. They can perform thorough assessments, address emergencies, and make health recommendations. 

Dr Shiba functional treats

Speaking of veterinarians, some of the top vets highly recommend Dr. Shiba's functional dog treats. These tasty bites come in three variations: Happy Tummy for the gut, Silky Fur for the coat, and Jolly Joints for hips and joints. 

If you're looking for nutritious beef dog snacks, check out Dr. Shiba's Happy Tummy! Tried and tested when it comes to improving tummy health and digestion. Shop now!