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Nurturing New Beginnings: How to Become the Best Fur Parent to Your Adopted Pooch

Nurturing New Beginnings: How to Become the Best Fur Parent to Your Adopted Pooch

Have you ever pictured yourself coming home to a dog, their wagging tail and soulful eyes offering warmth and love? Everyone has, at one point, especially if you live alone.

Dogs are some of the best companions you can meet in a lifetime. They're loyal, forgiving, and loving -- what more can you ask for in a friend?

Now, you have two options on how to acquire a furry companion. Many aspiring fur parents tend to buy their pets, but you can also adopt and give a home to one of the many dogs in shelters.

Adoption is an extraordinary and life-changing journey, but it isn't without hardships. Today, we'll go through the intricacies of adopting and bringing home a pet in Singapore, including various ways of helping your new pooch get comfortable in a new environment.

Why You Should Adopt a Dog 

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of the adoption process, you must first understand why adopting a dog in Singapore is an experience that will forever change your life. 

Human hugging a dog

Unconditional Love and Companionship

When you adopt, you invite a loyal companion into your life. Your furry mate will be there through thick and thin, offering their love and support, no matter what. Whether it's a bright day at East Coast Park or a cosy evening at home, their presence will warm your heart.

Giving a Second Chance

By adopting, you become a hero in your dog's story. Singapore shelters are home to countless dogs longing for a loving family. Choosing to adopt gives a deserving soul a second chance at a happy life, a truly priceless feeling.

Potential Lifestyle Improvements

Opening your home's door to a dog means inviting changes to how you live. After all, fur parenting isn't just having a cute pet to cuddle with when you're sad. When you have a dog, your daily routine shifts to accommodate their needs, which may improve your physical condition due to their walks, and your social life as you interact with other dog owners. 

How You Can Bring Your Fur Baby Home

Some dog enthusiasts don't consider adoption an option because they think adopting a pet is more complicated than buying one. However, the process is more straightforward than you think. Here's a quick rundown of the adoption process in Singapore. 

Research and Choose a Shelter

Dog in a shelter

First, you must find a reputable shelter that houses rescue dogs needing a home. Singapore boasts several renowned animal shelters, such as the SOSD, Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and the Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD). 

These organizations have unique processes, so take your time to explore them. Reach out to volunteers, visit their facilities, and understand their adoption procedures. 

Each shelter has unique requirements. For instance, the SOSD asks aspiring fur parents to attend a Pre-Adoption Briefing, where they explain the special needs of rescue dogs and share what they look for in adopters. They also detail the adoption requirements and other steps, like the homestay.

Finding Your Furry Match

Once you have selected a shelter whose values align with yours, you can browse their adoption gallery. 

Organizations will include necessary adoption details on every dog page, like their estimated age, breed, and temperament. The SPCA even offers a short spiel for each dog and marks if they are HDB-approved. 

Again, take your time with this process. Try to go through every dog page if you can. You never know, your furever companion may be waiting for you several pages into the catalogue.

The Pre-Adoption Period

Reputed shelters will always check to ensure that you're a suitable candidate before they release dogs into your care. Typically, their adoption form will offer insight into your lifestyle, giving volunteers an idea of your worthiness.

When they find you suitable, you may have to meet with an adoption counsellor or participate in a homestay. Both steps allow you to better understand the adoption process and your chosen rescue. 

For homestays, representatives from the organization will assess your home to confirm that it's safe and ready for a dog. Once you pass the initial assessment, you proceed with the homestay, a crucial moment of the adoption process.

The Homestay

Homestays are short periods that let adopters familiarise themselves with their potential fur babies. It may last as long as a week or longer to see if you and your dog have chemistry.

If you live with family, this is ample time to check if the dog's temperament suits your household. You can also get a better feel of what it's like to have a dog at home and how you can revise your routine to accommodate their needs.

Don't feel discouraged if you and the dog don't fit together. As mentioned, rescues have unique needs because of the lives they led before they were found. It's best not to rush the adoption process so you can find a suitable companion that fits your lifestyle. 

Preparing for Your New Family Member

If you were fortunate enough to be approved, congrats! Your life is about to change for the better. But before your four-legged friend enters your world, you must ensure your home is ready for them. 


Baby/dog gate next to the stairs

Do you know how parents baby-proof their homes to prevent their kids from hurting themselves or breaking things? The same applies to you as you await your furry companion.

Puppy-proofing your home doesn't need to be as elaborate as child-proofing it. You simply need to remove hazards to your dog, like toxic plants. 

If possible, protect electrical cords so your dog can't chew them. Also, always make sure that small objects aren't lying around, lest your dog choke on them. 

Creating a Comfort Zone

Dog under a blanket

Your fur baby deserves a warm and comforting space to rest in, and it's your job that they get it. If you have the room, designate a cosy spot in your home for your furry friend.

Situate their dog bed in this space alongside any toys you may have gotten them. Some dog owners keep the food and water bowls near the bed, but you may want to put those in the kitchen so your dog's designated area remains clean at all times. 

Remember, rescues have different needs, so if you're at a loss, don't hesitate to contact volunteers from the shelter to check if you have the essentials.

A Care Manual for New Dog Parents

A happy homecoming doesn't mean the end of the adoption journey. In fact, you have a long road ahead of you as you make sure your furry companion lives their best life with you by their side. Here are some tips to help with fur parenting. 

Regular Exercise

Dog on a walk

All dogs, regardless of breed, require exercise to be healthy. If your dog is up for it, why not schedule daily walks around your area? Singapore offers a plethora of dog-friendly parks and beaches, like the East Coast Park.

Now, if your companion is still getting ready to explore the outside world, don't fret. You can still keep them exercised in your home. For example, you can take laps with them around the living room. Doing so stretches their joints and even allows you to meet your daily steps.

Nutritional Support

Dr. Shiba Happy Tummy

Like humans, dogs need basic nutrients to stay healthy. Water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins are these nutrients. When choosing dog food, check that your chosen brand fulfils these nutritional requirements.

Some dog owners supplement dog food with human food, like freshly made vegetable stock. Another option is to introduce supplements to their meals.

Dr. Shiba's functional dog treats are some of the best dog treats in the market, simply because they help meet your dog's nutritional needs. Happy Tummy, for instance, contains natural ingredients like peas and pumpkins to help your dog's digestion. 

Training and Socialization

Dog being trained to sit

Other than food and exercise, dogs need socialization to lead a healthy life. Interacting with humans and other pups helps curb aggression and reduces anxiety.

However, your dog's pre-adoption background may make this process challenging, so exercise patience if possible. Take baby steps, like introducing your pet to the rest of the family. Keep a watchful eye on them at all times to see if they reach their socialization limit.

Another tip is to train them to help with behavioural issues. For example, teaching them where to do their doggy business can be beneficial as it keeps their space clean. You can even use Dr. Shiba’s Silky Fur as dog training treats to reward your pooch for following.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a dog in Singapore is a remarkable journey filled with love, joy, and a few challenges. The bond you share with your dog will grow stronger each day, and by choosing adoption, you've changed their life and yours. 

As you embark on this heartwarming adventure, don't forget to provide your beloved companion with the best possible care, including some of the healthiest dog treats from Dr. Shiba. Our Triple Care Bundle helps with common pup problems like digestion, dull fur, and aching joints. Shop now!